Aden.land Partner Program

Thanks to the partner program, you can help the server by inviting other players to our server and receive rewards for this.

More about the program

In your personal account there is a section - "Partners"

In this section:
1. Your referral link.
2. Statistics of transitions and registrations.
3. Referral balance.
4. Withdrawal of funds / exchange for points.
5. Referral characters


1. You get 10% from the donations of each player who was invited, the money is real, not a donation currency, you can withdraw it to your card or account at any time.
2. If your referral received level 80 - you automatically receive 3000 L-coins, level 85 - 8000 L-coins.
3. Referrals whom you invited are saved for you not for "one start", but forever!


1. You have access to the statistics of transitions, registrations and active characters of your referrals, so that you can see how many of your referrals are playing at each start, you can keep in touch with them and help them.
2. After clicking on your referral link, the players are assigned to you for 10 days, if during this period they register accounts on the Aden.land server, these accounts are automatically assigned to you.
3. The referral link does not work for players who are already registered on our project.
4. It is forbidden to publish a referral link in our social networks.
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