Aden.land Streamer Program

More about the program

There is a section in your personal account - "Stream"

With the streamer promotion, you can:
1. Add your streams to the main page.
2. Remove your streams from the main page when the stream is over.
3. Receive automatic-daily rewards for your streams every morning at 5-00 (gmt+3).

Step-by-step instruction

1. Click on the Stream button in your personal account
2. Add your YouTube, Twitch or Trovo channel according to the link format as written in the example and click "add streamer".
3. Your channel has been sent for moderation, the moderator examines your channel and allows or denies you stream.
4. After approval by the moderator, the channel is linked to your Personal Account, now you have the opportunity to turn the stream on / off on your own and it will automatically be displayed on the main page of our site.


1. Every day at 5-00 (gmt + 3) you will receive an automatic reward, you need to stream at least an 2 hours a day, you can pick up the reward in the "Inventory and Gifts" section.
2. Reward: from 8 to 30 thousand L-Coins (depending on the server stage).


1. If you stream other projects, there will be inappropriate behavior - we will remove the ability for you to add streams to the main one and receive bonuses.
2. YouTube streamers have to add a new link when you start your stream, moderation is done once, you don't have to go through moderation every time.
3. All streams at 5-00 (gmt+3) are automatically turned off and removed from the main page.
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